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PACIFIC LINGUISTICS is happy to announce the publication of:

A grammar of the Pendau language of central Sulawesi, Indonesia by Phil 

Prices are in Australian dollars (one Australian dollar is currently 
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A grammar of the Pendau language of central Sulawesi, Indonesia

Phil Quick

PL 590

This book is a grammar of Pendau, an Austronesian language spoken by 
around four thousand people in north-central Sulawesi, Indonesia. Pendau 
belongs to the Tomini-Tolitoli subgroup, and this book is the first 
comprehensive decription of any of these languages. The Tomini-Tolitoli 
languages are of interest to typologists in general and more 
specifically to Austronesianists, since the languages appear to be 
transitional between better known 'Philippine style' languages and 
'Indonesian style' languages. Intricate rules of vowel harmony  in the 
prefixes used to form verb stems are of particular interest. The grammar 
is very richly exemplified and covers a wide range of linguistic 
phenomena from phonetics and phonology through to cohesion and 
prominence in discourse as well as an analysis of the discourse 
structure of a number of different genres.

2008 ISBN 9780858835818

Prices: Australia AUD $137.50 (incl. GST)

Overseas AUD $125.00

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