grammar book on Cebuano by Manuel Yap

Scott Robertson aircaraccess at MILLENICOM.COM
Mon Oct 27 04:29:02 UTC 2008

Does the SIL library or anyone else out there have a copyable, scannable,
or loanable copy of "Ang Dila Natong Bisaya" by Manuel Yap?  Published by
Cebu Star Press, 1947, about 300 pages.  It's about Cebuano, written in
Cebuano, written by a Cebuano speaking native grammarian/scholar/priest so
I want it to translate and study.  Pari Yap was Bishop of Bacolod till his
death in 1966.  He also translated the Bible and I'm trying to find a copy
of that too.  Cornell has "Dila" on microform and I'm trying to talk them
into printing it out and mailing it to me, but interlibrary loan doesn't
like to deal with individuals.  Does anyone know of a university library
in the Davao area that will work with me to help obtain materials by ILL?

The Cebuano Studies Center has a copy but it would have to be photographed
page by page, no scanners or photocopying allowed because of brittle


Scott Robertson
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