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Call for Abstracts

6th International East Nusantara Conference on Language & Culture

(ENUS 2010)

WHERE: Universitas Nusa Cendana (days 1 & 3; tentative), and Language
& Culture Unit-GMIT (day 2); Kupang, NTT, Indonesia

WHEN: 5-7 August 2010 (Thursday thru Saturday); registration & opening
ceremony on afternoon and evening of Wed. 4th Aug.

Call for abstracts:

The ENUS 2010 organizing committee invites scholars working on the
languages and cultures of eastern Indonesia and East Timor to
participate in the sixth international ENUS conference.

Topics (limited to languages and cultures in the ENUS region):

Descriptive work on individual languages and cultures; comparative
work of Austronesian or Papuan languages & cultures; contact issues;
pidgin & creoles; language documentation issues; prehistory; language
endangerment and language shift; other sociolinguistic issues; the
role of technology in promoting revitalization efforts; the
sociolinguistic aspects of language in education (e.g. creole issues,
bilingual education, MLE, Muatan Lokal; NOTE: this is not a conference
on Education, so papers not dealing with the sociolinguistic aspects
of education will not be accepted.)

Keynote speaker: Prof. James Fox


Papers will be of 30 minutes' length, with 20 minutes for presentation
and 10 minutes for discussion. Participants may submit up to one
single-authored paper and one joint-authored paper.


Length: not more than 200 words, single-spaced, including data and
references. Font: Times New Roman, 12. (If there are special Unicode
glyphs such as phonetic characters, please use Doulos SIL, Gentium, or
Tahoma). Please observe the length limit. Please send files in DOC or
RTF format.

Deadline for abstracts: 15 February 2010

Abstracts to be submitted by email to: June Jacob, ubb_manager at kastanet.org

Notifications of acceptance will be sent out by the end of March 2010.

Further details about the conference will be available in due course
on the conference website, (yet to be organized, right now it's just
good intentions).

Visas: Under 2009 rules, Visa-on-Arrival can be used to attend
conferences for those originated from certain countries, so obtaining
a visa beforehand from your nearest Indonesian Consulate should no
longer be necessary, unless you are also planning to do research on
your trip. When it gets closer to the time of the conference, check
visa status and prices on the web.

ENUS 2010 conference sponsors

Universitas Nusa Cendana, Kupang

Unit Bahasa & Budaya, (GMIT), Kupang

Yayasan Agape-Indah

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