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>   C
>   N [voiceless nasal?]
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> Are these standard transcriptions for Austronesianists?

Josh (CC: an-lang),

Occasionally, when performing the comparative method, the linguist
concludes that there is another protosound of a particular kind but is
unsure of this other sound's exact phonetic value.

I just pulled down the paper (which, I assume, you mean to be
"Subgrouping, circularity, and extinction," from the 8-ICAL volume).
Blust (1999:34) does a really good job of explaining what he means by
*N (some sort of coronal nasal). And no, Blust does not suggest on
this page that this *N was voiceless. Blust is less explicit about the
phonetic values for the other protosounds reconstructed using capital

Might I suggest that you direct your attention to his table 2
(1999:43), where, despite a few capital letters along the top row (for
Proto-Austronesian), the columns below each contain explicit reflexes
in the modern languages. As it were, the author is not putting the
spoon in your mouth in a few reconstructions.

More generally, this is just one of those things that the scholarly
literature often assumes and often does not explain. In fact, I was
just having dinner a couple of hours ago with an MA student about to
undertake an MA thesis on an Austronesian language of Taiwan (not
Rukai) and I had to explain why the Actor of a non-Actor clause is
labeled _genitive_ and why _focus_ means something like 'voice'. These
latter types of issues I'm sure you can ask your new faculty member
Joey Sabbagh about.


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