Does someone have quick access to Sakoda & Siegel's _Pidgin grammar_ (2003)?

Loren Billings sgnillib at GMAIL.COM
Sun Sep 6 00:40:13 UTC 2009

Dear colleagues,

Would anyone among you have ready access to the following work?

Sakoda, Kent, & Jeff Siegel. 2003. _Pidgin grammar: An introduction to
the Creole language of Hawai'i_ (Honolulu: Bess Press).

If so, please contact me off-list so I can ask you a very quick
question about one page in that work. (The person I would normally
contact suffered an injury and cannot respond as quickly.)

Thanks in advance, --Loren


Loren A. Billings, Ph.D.
Associate professor of linguistics
Department of Foreign Languages and Literature
National Chi Nan University
Puli, Nantou County 545 Taiwan
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