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For future reference, here's a brief note on where OL & OLSP volumes are 
available online.

ProQuest's PAO added OL issues through 1995 to its online archives in 
2005. I thought they were planning to add new back issues behind a 
10-year moving wall, adding the 1996 issues in 2006, the 1997 issues in 
2007, and so on, but they seem to have stopped for good at 1995.

New issues of OL began appearing on MUSE in 2000, where one 1999 issue 
(38.2) serves as a free demo.

All back issues of OL behind a 3-year moving wall are available in 
JSTOR's Arts & Sciences VII Collection.

All OL Special Publications more than 3 years old are available in 
JSTOR's Arts & Sciences Complement.

The proliferation of separate, subscriber-only collections at JSTOR is 
humbug, but it's offset a bit by the ability of nonsubscribers to 
purchase individual PDFs online for a fixed fee per PDF, no matter the 
size. It costs the same for Goodenough's 1997 OL article Proto-Kimbe (65 
pp) as for Lichtenberk's 1983 OLSP Grammar of Manam (648 pp). If you 
find a particular article on JSTOR and your IP address is not recognized 
as that of a subscribing institution, then you should see something you 
can click on to purchase the individual article.


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Malcolm Ross wrote:
> Dear all,
> Does anyone by any chance have a PDF of Goodenough's (1997) paper  
> 'Proto-Kimbe: a new analysis', published in Oceanic Linguistics 36(2)?
> For some odd reason, I can't access this through the ANU library  
> system. This allows me access to Periodicals Archive online, with OL  
> issues up to vol 34 (1995), and Project Muse, with OL issues from  
> 38(2) (1999) to the present. Funny that there is a gap from 35(1) to  
> 38(1).
> - Malcolm
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