connotation of English "bro" (etc.)

Waruno Mahdi mahdi at FHI-BERLIN.MPG.DE
Wed Feb 10 13:25:42 UTC 2010

Sorry for this delayed response, I was out of town when most of the
contributions on "bro" came in, and had lots to do after returning.

Anyway, thanks very much to all who responded, and I see now that I
was obviously up the wrong track with thinking that "bro" was
derogatory. At the time I sent off that original input, I thought
I'd check back first, and googled, only to find to my surprise that
it was (as it seemed from the first results) derogatory.

see e.g.:

Your responses motivated me to search a bit more extensively, and see
there, you all proved to be right of course.

Aloha bro-s (and sis-s),

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