Prenasalized stops

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> I'm not finding reduplicated words that fit the pattern you ask for. For example, I thought I would find words like:
> mpul.mpul
> nggar.nggar
> ndot.ndot

This rang a bell. A language that might be worth looking at in this regard is Mangap-Mbula (data from Bugenhagen 1995). I find the following in some very old notes of mine:

prenasalized segments copies as nasals
ˈloondo	lonˈloondo	‘you (sg) be running’ (46)
yaamba	yamyaamba	‘to scold’ (27)
toombo	tomtoombo	‘to try’ (27)
seeŋge	zeŋzeeŋge	‘you (sg) be laughing’ (47)

‘squeezed nasal deletion’ (i.e. prenasals copy as stop)
ŋguŋ	ŋguŋguŋ	‘you (sg) be coughing’ (47)
ŋgun	ŋgungun	‘you (sg) be sticking something into the ground’
ndom	ndomdom	‘you (sg) be growing’ (60)
mboono	mbonboono	‘ironwood seedlings’ (55)

other prenasalized segments copy in full
ŋgeeze	ŋgesŋgeeze	‘you (sg) be fluent, smooth, or clean’ (54)
ambai	ambaimbai	‘you (sg) be very good’ (52)
mbot	mbotmbot	‘stay’ (65) (133)
mbuutu	mbutmbuutu	‘grasses’ (181)
ti-mbuk	ti-mbukmbuk	‘3pl-tie’ (290)

Hope this helps

Philip Spaelti
Kobe Shoin Women's University, Graduate school

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