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Hi friends and colleagues,


Back in March 2011 I requested information on vitality for Indonesian and
Malaysian languages.  A number of you responded - thanks!


I promised a summary of results.  Although it's a bit delayed in coming, I
have written a brief report on Indonesian language vitality.  It is
available on the Indonesia report page:
an-language-vitality.  Also check out the vitality map of Eastern Papua on
the main page - it's quite dramatic.


There is still opportunity for feedback on language vitality.  Please take a
look at your favorite language(s) and let us know if you agree or disagree
with its vitality rating and why.  If you have already given feedback I hope
you will see that we have captured it accurately.  Go to
<> to contribute.


Vitality information as we have it in mid-January will be sent to the
Ethnologue for the next edition.  You are also welcome to use the
information in other ways.


If you have questions or problems, please email NusantaraEGIDS at 


Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it, happy holidays to the rest!

Karl Anderbeck 



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