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SIL Philippines announces the publication of

1. Ibatan to English dictionary: With English, Filipino, Ilokano, Ivatan
indices. Judith Y.M. Maree and Orlando R. Tomas, comps. 2012.
* print <>  version. xv,
501 pp. USD$25.00 + shipping. Contact info_philippines (at)
* online <>  version 

2. Two online work-in-progress
<>  dictionaries
* Tagbanwa-English <>
* Central Tagbanwa-English
<>  dictionary

3. Three other ePublications
* Tracking Agutaynen Language Vitalit
guage_Vitality_2011.pdf> y: 1984-2009. J. Stephen Quakenbush
* A Voice from the Forest
t.pdf> : Essays on the culture and world view of the Manobo of the Agusan
river valley and the Diwata mountain range. Teofila G. Bada, Donna
Schumacher, and Ron Schumacher
* The Cross-Referencing System of Tuwali Ifugao
cing.pdf> : Form and Function. E. Lou Hohulin and Donald A. Burquest

4. Check out the growing number of free download
<>  legacy SIL
Philippines academic and vernacular publications (by language). (Note also
our under development Publications to Download
<>  page, reflecting
the majority of the SIL Philippine bibliography items including many 10-ICAL
papers. As files are attached to the entries it will eventually provide a
complete listing of free downloads/links available through SIL Philippines.)

We welcome your feedback, suggestions, errata, and reports of broken links.

Sue McQuay sue_mcquay (at)
SIL International - Asia Academic Publications Coordinator


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