Please tell me about "your" Polynesian language(s)

Ken Cook kencook at HAWAII.EDU
Mon Nov 12 21:32:17 UTC 2012

Aloha An-langers,

I am writing an overview of Polynesian languages (plus Fijian) and I'd like to have your input about the current status of these languages if you are currently involved with Polynesian language(s) or Fijian in some way (living where it/they are spoken, in contact with the speakers, etc.).

Things I'd like to know:
Where is your language spoken?
How many speakers does it have?
Does it have dialects? What are they?
What world language (e.g. English, French, Spanish) does it compete or coexist with?
What political/social status does it have (e.g. is it an official language)?
Is there a government policy concerning this language?
In what domains is the language used? in education? in the home? in religious activities? etc.
Is the language surviving or is it in danger of extinction?

You can answer me directly at kencook at to avoid cluttering others' mailboxes.

Thanking you in advance for your help,

Ken Cook

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