Papuan Malay - Some lexical roots - are they Malay or non-Malay items?

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Fri Oct 12 09:46:17 UTC 2012

Dear colleagues,

My name is Angela Kluge and I'm a PhD student at Leiden University. I'm working on 'A grammar of Papuan Malay'. Currently I'm revising my phonology chapter and would like to ask for your input concerning some Papuan Malay lexical items.

For my sections on syllable structure and stress patterns, I would like to make a distinction between Malay and non-Malay roots. With the help of Russell's book on 'Loan words in Indonesian and Malay' I was able to determine for most of my items whether they are Malay roots or not. But there are nine items left for which I don't know whether they are Malay roots or not and which are not included in Russell. These items stick out in terms of their syllable structure and/or stress pattern. Hence, I suspect that they might be non-Malay roots. What do you think?

giawas 'guava'

grobak 'wheelbarrow'
honai 'traditional.Dani hut'
kombong 'inflated'

koteka 'penis sheath'
krempeng 'thin'
palungku or flungku 'fist'
pakwel 'k.o. crowbar'
tiarap 'lie face downwards'

In addition, I have a question concerning the four items listed below. Are they roots which I should include in my analysis or should I consider the first three items as affixed with prefix ke- or preposition ke (kecuali, keluar, keliar) and the fourth one as a compound (olaraga) and therefore exclude them from my analysis.

kecuali 'except' - *cuali does not exist in Papuan Malay

keluar 'go out' - luar as well as dari/di luar do exist in Papuan Malay

keliar 'roam about' - liar 'be wild' does exist in Papuan Malay but my corpus does not include di/dari liar

olahraga 'do sports' - Russell lists this item as olah - raga (both parts are Malay), which implies that it is not a root but some kind of compound. Hence my question is whether I should include the item in my analysis of lexical roots. Papuan Malay only employs olaraga; the items olah or raga do not exist.

I'd be most grateful to get your input.

Best wishes,
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