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There are several very recent reports in Hawaiian papers;
and a Hawaiian blog by a veteran reporter on science and the
environment, Jan Bruggencate that includes comments by Kirch
and Pawley:

Wilson's intriguing paper is probably worth reading before
COOL9, as he is presenting on the topic there.
-Kevin Salisbury

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> I suspect that _Oceanic Linguistics_' file of daily press
> clippings is not very bulky. So it's interesting to see
> Pila Wilson's paper from the very latest issue being
> written up in the New Zealand Herald:
> Under the headline "Search for Maori homeland" (with a
> nice photo of the palm-fringed shoreline of Takuu), the
> writer, Yvonne Tahana, does a pretty good job, I think, of
> reporting the proposal that the northern Outliers were the
> immediate source for East Polynesian. The emphasis on
> "Hawaiki" being in these atolls (and "not Samoa") may be
> over-reaching the theory a bit, but I guess that's the
> angle required to make a story. 
> Ross Clark
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