[An-lang] object specific eat and drink verbs in Austronesian languages outside of Oceanic

Antoinette Schapper a_schapper at hotmail.com
Sun Feb 9 14:04:20 UTC 2020

Dear Austronesianists,

I am interested in identifying Austronesian languages with drink and eat verbs that are lexical specified for the item that is consumed. This is well-known in Oceanic languages, but I am looking for languages in other branches of the AN family.

Examples illustrating the kinds of distinctions are as follows:

Amis specified drink and eat verbs:
minanum ‘drink water’
miqenip ‘sip, drink (alcohol)’
mikaen ~ kaen ‘eat (in general), eat soup, drink milk’
ŋosŋos ‘eat raw food’

Dumagat specified eat verbs:
kan ‘eat (in general)’
ébu ‘eat meat’
malmal ‘eat rice’

The only distinction that seems to go back any way is *qataq ‘eat something raw’ (ACD: http://www.trussel2.com/ACD/acd-s_q.htm)

Thanks for any help you can offer.


Antoinette Schapper

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