[An-lang] object specific eat and drink verbs in Austronesian languages outside of Oceanic

Waruno Mahdi mahdi at fhi-berlin.mpg.de
Mon Feb 10 10:15:09 UTC 2020

Sorry to be so late. Was affline yesterday evening.
Indonesian Maly also has

gado / menggado "eat side-dishes without rice"

Then there still is:

nyamik / nyamikan "snack"

sesap / menyesap "sip (a.o. beverage or soup)"

sarap / menyarap "have breakfast"

That besides the common makan "eat" and minum "drink".

On 2/9/20 3:04 PM, Antoinette Schapper wrote:
> Dear Austronesianists,
> I am interested in identifying Austronesian languages with drink and eat
> verbs that are lexical specified for the item that is consumed. This is
> well-known in Oceanic languages, but I am looking for languages in other
> branches of the AN family.
> Examples illustrating the kinds of distinctions are as follows:
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