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Subject: Looking for an expert on Koiari

Below is a message I am posting on behalf of my colleague Eri Kashima. If
you know anyone whom you think might be interested in applying for this
position please pass the message on to them.

Hello, my name is Eri Kashima, and I’m based at the University of Helsinki
in Finland. I’m part of the European Research Council (ERC) funded project
“Linguistic Adaptation: Typological and Sociolinguistic Perspectives to
Language Variation” in 2019-2023 (PI Prof. Kaius Sinnemäki + Dr. Francesca
Di Garbo, and Dr. Ricardo Napoleão de Souza. Project website:
We are looking for a collaborator to fill out a sociolinguistic
questionnaire concerning social contact between Koiari and Motu speakers.

As far as we can tell it seems Tom Dutton has worked on Koiari in the past,
but it’s not clear whether anyone has worked on Koiari since then. We are
looking for someone who can answer some questions about social contact
(which may result in language contact effects), so the collaborator needn’t
be a descriptive linguist - an anthropological linguist, or a linguistic
anthropologist would also be good. My impression is that our chances of
finding someone are not too great, but Alan Rumsey suggested I try asking
here. I greatly appreciate any leads - as well as knowing whether this is
possible or not.

    Eri Kashima

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