[An-lang] Opinion concerning the new ACD site

Yuko Kitada yuyumalaysia at hotmail.com
Sat Mar 18 00:57:44 UTC 2023

Hello colleagues,

It is fantastic to continue the ACD site. However, as a historical linguist, I think that what Professor Robert Blust wrote should be kept as it was, for example, as a backup as Blust's version or by annotating that given forms were suggested by him. It will be better for us if someone builds on it after publishing his version because no one thinks precisely the same as Professor Blust as a person (It is not a matter of good or bad.).

What do you think about my opinion?
Oceanic specialists might want to have a say about the new ACD by relating it to the Polynesian lexical collection by Professor Bruce Biggs, which has been developed by other professors and has become POLLEX Online (https://pollex.eva.mpg.de/). It has continued to be revised as well.

Yuko Kitada
yukokitada at outlook.com
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