CHINOOK Digest - 7 Feb 2005 to 8 Feb 2005 (#2005-15)

Yakima Belle yakimabelle at YAHOO.COM
Wed Feb 9 08:30:00 UTC 2005

Hyash mahsi, tillikums. If it is OK, I will probably
use the "loan" word from Makah, i-i-wah-biL for donkey
in my writing since it might also make a better term
for jack rabbit - as differentiated from desert
cottontail than "long ear long ear" - youtlkut kwolan
youtlkut kwolan - or "long long ear"
"youtlkut-youtlkut kwolan" or "very long ear"
"yoouuutlkut kwolan" or even "LeMel youtlkut kwolan"
which are the descriptors I've been playing with.
Along with various appurtenances attached to

Other animal names I'm working on are names for camel
and llama - both of which are other introduced species
I've encountered in the Nevada desert. Is there a
specific term, beyond the words for crooked, to
describe humpbacked? I was thinking the use of that
conjoined to the Chinook-Wawa for horse might be a
good descriptor for camel.... (There's a camel stable
a couple of hours away, and if I were rich I'd have my
own for riding. They're a really sweet animal, not at
all like their reputation. Llamas, on the other hand
are cute, cuddly looking, and the one that wandered
around the area was as nasty as the reputation given
to camels!)

Would anyone mind if I posted some of the stuff I've
been working on here? It's mainly descriptions of what
we see in the area, or out travelling old abandoned
roads, or going to abandoned mines and ghost towns, or
just wandering the deserts and the mountains or our
trip to Wavoka's grave.

Maria wrote:

Interesting.  Our word in Makah for donkey is
            which means 'big
            ears', same impression in our tribal

Tony wrote:
            Sent: Tuesday, February 08, 2005 4:21 PM
            Subject: Re: Chinook Jargon word for

            A quick translation:

            Hello--perhaps it is not straight, but my
boy and I we say
            "long-eared-horse" for English "donkey."

I swear I seen a twelve-foot-high hump-shouldered elk
with no antlers and swan neck - 19th C. miner, quoted
in "Lonesome Dromedary", The Big Book of the Weird Wild
West, Paradox Press, 1998.

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