Chinuk Wawa Lu'lu / Chinook Gathering 2005 INFORMATION

David Robertson ddr11 at COLUMBIA.EDU
Tue Feb 22 17:42:51 UTC 2005

Naika tlus siks,

Here is information to answer a couple of your questions.

-- Lodging will be available.  Less expensive and much closer to the
Gathering than any commercial alternative.  We should reserve a block of
rooms in UVic conference housing (a.k.a. our dormitories).  This takes
money, so PLEASE EMAIL ME <ddr11 at columbia dot edu> if you'll want a
room there.  Let me know HOW MANY ROOMS you'll be wanting.

-- We plan to have a souvenir T-shirt for each registered participant,
with Chinook Wawa written on it and a picture of one of the infamous UVic
rabbits.  So BE SURE TO REGISTER ONLINE at, and
enter your shirt size.  If you plan on (buying) more shirts, let us know
sizes for those too.

-- The conference registration fee, payable when you arrive here, is
planned to be just $25 Canadian.  (Elders and UVic students will have free
admission, as a condition of our meeting on campus.)  If the registration
fee changes, I pledge that it will be a reduction, not an increase.

-- If you would like to lead a session at the Gathering, please email your
idea to me <ddr11 at columbia dot edu>.  Our program is getting better
every week.


--Dave R., for the committee

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