Chilcotin CJ-English mix, from another source

hzenk at PDX.EDU hzenk at PDX.EDU
Mon Jun 4 20:37:29 UTC 2007

> The jargon is for most of BC a fur trade and language of work
> introduced from the Columbia River and then flowing north with white
> settlement.

Does this mean that Jargon was introduced into most of BC by Whites?   
If this is the hypothesis, then there is also a linguistic test for  
it:  does the Jargon of Indians here show the kinds of phonological  
distortion, especially of the Chinookan-derived part of the lexicon,  
expected for transmission through English and French speakers?   
(Although come to think of it, there is a qualification:  many HBC  
employees were metises with NW Indian mothers and could therefore have  
had NW phonology natively.  George Lang has contributed a lot to  
filling out this aspect of the picture.)  Henry

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