[HPSG-L] Glossa: a journal of general linguistics is the new Lingua

Stefan Müller stefan.mueller at fu-berlin.de
Wed Oct 28 08:37:54 UTC 2015

Dear colleagues,

You may already have heard of Ling-OA, an initiative to convert journals
to Open Access.


Today I have heard of a quite dramatic change for our field: all 6
editors of Lingua resigned and all 31 members of the editorial board
resigned as well.

They will start a new journal called: Glossa: a journal of general

The new journal will work under the conditions of fair OA:

-   The editorial board owns the title of the journals.

-   The author owns the copyright of his articles, and a CC-BY license

-   All articles are published in Full Open Access (no subscriptions, no
‘double dipping’).

-   Article processing charges (APCs) are low (around 400 euros),
    transparent, and in proportion to the work carried out by the


As for the new journal, APCs are covered by the Dutch government and
later by Open Lib Humanities.

I think transfering the journal to Fair OA is a very good move into the
right direction towards scholarly owned journals and book outlets.

Please support this transition by

1) not submitting to the old Lingua any longer

2) consider retracting articles if you already submitted

3) do not do any reviewing for Lingua

4) do not accept any invitations to work for Elsevier on the board of
Lingua or as an editor

You may be flattered by the offer of Elsevier but think twice: The good
reputation of the journal was build by researchers like us. This
reputation is now transfered to the new journal. If you work for
Elsevier you are basically doing harm to your community and you will not
profit from the reputation of the journal since it is gone now and
Elsevier as such has a rather bad reputation because of the ways in
which they act commercially and in terms of copyrights.

Being on a newly established board of a journal that remains after the
former board moved to Ling-OA will not look good on any CV. I would not
hire anybody who did something like that and I would object in any
search committee I am involved in.

Summary: Great news, let us support the new Lingua (Glossa: a journal of
general linguistics) at Ling-OA.

Best wishes


PGP welcome

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