accusative and ergative languages

Ralf-Stefan Georg Georg at
Tue Aug 3 15:00:28 UTC 1999

>Pat writes:

>Well, 'anaphora' is primarily a rhetorical device; my dictionary, however,
>does acknowledge the use of 'anaphora' in a grammatical sense although Larry
>seems to prefer "anaphor" in the grammatical and, I presume (but do not
>know), 'anaphora' in the rhetorical sense.

'Anaphora' is Greek. 'Anaphor' is nativized English. Why picking on this ?

>Since "discourse cohesion strategy" is not defined in Larry's dictionary, I
>have no idea exactly how one will want to define it. Perhaps 'anaphors' are
>excluded; perhaps not.

This was your term. I'd define it as any "strategy used to maintain the
cohesion of discourse".


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