Chronology of the breakup of Common Romance [long]

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>My hypothesis for the origin of the East-European -ch in Walach and the like:
>a derivative ending,... still productive as -ak in Slavic (but also as an
>adjective forming suffix in Greek -ako's...>>

>>>From a post sent to me: <<at the foot of Mt Kastri in the Pelopenese there is
>or was a place called Kastrorachi.>>  I suppose this might be a case of -achi
>being attached to a place name.

>S. Long

"Wallach" is clearly a sort of Latinisation of East Slavic volox- < Common
Slavic *volx-
(cf. Polish Wloch, Czech vlach, etc.).  The -ach in Wallach is
NOT/NICHT/NE/NEM/IKKI/DDIM, etc.etc. related to Slavic -ak .

Common Slavic *volx may be seen as a borrowing from germanic cf. Old English
wealh pl. wealas,

Robert Orr

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