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Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote

>Or the Balkans.  The Sumerian for "copper" is of course <urudu>
>(another word that's too long to be native Sumerian).  PIE

the link seems tentative, but I am skeptical about a Balkanic origin.
Relationships between Balkans and Mesopotamia are quite scarce at such
an early date. Moreover Copper metalurgy in Mesopotamia originated in
Catal Huyuk around 6000 B.C and then spreadt eastwards. In Balkans, we
have to wait until 4000 - 3000 B.C. So that an Anatolian origin is more

>Their ancestors.  I didn't know Sherrat agreed with me :-)

He did postulate that IE was a kind of koine, or trade language wich
developed on the european coast of the black sea, around 4000 B.C.The
basis of this tongue would have been the language of the agarian
cultures of Anatolia which colonized Europe around 6000 B.C. (quoted
inthe postface of Mallory's In search of the Indo-Europeans).
That is the thesis I personnaly favor, albeit I would rather place IE in
the mixt cultures of the steppe-agrarian cultures inteface, as Usatovo
or Cernavoda, in a context of drastic social, technological and
political change. A kind of Copper Age Swahili :-)
By the way, that is the only way to explain the likely (according to me)
relationship between Etruscan and IE, as it would be an archeological
non-sense to place the ancestors of Etruscans in Crimea.

Damien Erwan Perrotin

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