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> Any suggestions on the latest books (or articles) in any language dealing
> coprehensively with:

> a)  the Indo-European Urheimat question and taking into account all the
> latest theories;

The following three books would probably be useful to you:

Sergent, Bernard. 1995. Les Indo-Européens. Paris: Payot.
Sergent, Bernard. 1997. Genèse de l'Inde. Paris: Payot.
Mallory, J. P. 1989. In search of the Indo-Europeans : language, archaeology,
and myth. New York, N.Y.: Thames and Hudson.

You will find some older material in the following volume:

Scherer, Anton, ed. 1968. Die Urheimat der Indogermanen, Wege der Forschung.
Darmstadt: Wissenschaftliche Buchgesellschaft.

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