? Polygenesis, Out of Africa

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Sun Aug 22 19:43:30 UTC 1999

	I'm sorry but I can't follow your logic. If Neandertals had
language, that would presuppose that language went back to a common
ancestor with modern humans. Without a genetic ability for language, humans
could not have picked up language from Neandertals anymore than a chimp or
a gorilla could.

>Just one point on the discussions.

>It is EVEN possible
>(though not the simplest explanation from some points
>of view, Nature need not be simple)

>that Neanderthals had several languages,
>from independent sources,
>and these languages were separately inherited
>by different groups of modern humans.

>So inheritance from Neanderthals
>does NOT necessarily imply monogenesis?

>Just checking the logic here.

>Lloyd Anderson
>Ecological Linguistics

Rick Mc Callister
Mississippi University for Women
Columbus MS 39701

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