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Otto Schrader's 1890 Prehistoric Antiquities of the Aryan Peoples proposed
the same homeland that Gimbutas subsequently found archaeological reasons
to argue for. Her collected papers were posthumously published by two of
her students as JIES Monograph 18 (1997). JIES, the journal and the
monographs, are indexed on the website An upcoming issue of JIES, I am told,
will carry an article by Renfrew and others.

In the meantime James Mallory and Douglas Adams (1997 Fitz Dearborn,
London) have published their Encyclopedia of IE Culture to update
Schrader's Encyclopedia, a brave attempt that has problems (see Lehmann's
review in Language, if it's out yet and Polomé's upcoming review in JIES).
One major contribution is Mallory's set of entries on the various
archaeological cultures, complete with drawings of graves and body
positions. This comes close to taking into consideration a range of
theories, but leaves readers their own options.


>Any suggestions on the latest books (or articles) in any language dealing
>coprehensively with:

>a)  the Indo-European Urheimat question and taking into account all the
>latest theories;

>b) pre Indo-European languages in Europe (in particular taking into account
>- pro et contra - Leo Vennemann's theories - Vasconic, Atlantic substate of
>insular Celtic, etc.)

>Thanks and regards
>Frank Rossi
>iglesias at

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