Quebec French nasal vowels.

Eduard Selleslagh edsel at
Thu Aug 26 11:00:13 UTC 1999

To: Stephane Goyette

I'm sorry you so misinterpreted (the intentions of) my posts.  It was certainly
not my intention to hurt any Quebecois sensitivity, and least of all to be
offensive or even slightly unpleasant.

Regional variants of languages in various countries are a normal phenomenon,
especially when there is such geographic separation. Even Holland and Flanders
Dutch sound very different (but aren't really), and they are next door, as are
German, Austrian and Swiss German, or French, Belgian and Swiss French. I don't
think they (except some purists) loose any sleep over their differences, or
anybody pointing at them.

Anyway, the original discussion was about twenty-based number systems and their
presence/absence in e.g. various local variants of French (quatre-vingts <=>
octante, soixante-dix <=> septante, etc.), among other things.

Best regards,
Ed. Selleslagh

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