Horthmen as 'mGall'

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Thu Aug 26 15:42:52 UTC 1999

	I've read that the term goes back to the Laghin invasion, a Gaulish
tribe who gave their name to Leinster < Laighin tir [sp?] sometime around 1
AD, give or take a couple of centuries [it's been a while since I read it]


><<The Dict. of the Irish Lang. gives the following senses in Old and
>Middle Ir., of which the first is earliest: (1) a Gaul, (apparently
>sometimes equated with Frank)...>>

>I'd love to see the source for Gall = a Gaul.  I didn't think written Irish
>went back far enough for Gauls to still be around to refer to. That's why the
>equation with Frank on the other hand may make a lot of sense.  And that
>brings us back to "walh."

>Steve Long

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