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>> 3. The presence of Elamite (in Antiquity) and Brahwi (Dravidian) in Iran
>> strongly suggests that the Dravidian territory stretched far more westward
>> than  at present. It seems - but I have no documentation at hand - that the
>> old Indus valley culture is now recognized as having been Dravidian, which
>> reinforces the hypothesis.

>The presence of Brahui has been shown to be due to a migration of Dravidian
>speakers from the South of India (probably mercenaries) a few hundred years
>ago. They are therefore not relevant for the discussion of the earliest

>From the South of India?  I'm aware of theories that derive
Brahui from a migration from medieval Northern India (although I
don't know what the arguments for it are), but Southern India
would seem to be very strange: isn't it agreed that Brahui is
closest to the North-East Dravidian languages Kurux and Malto?

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