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>Satem is still a very good way to separate I-Ir from the western group.  (I
>believe the current stance is that satem may have been adopted by

-- The Baltic and Slavic languages have undergone satemization; there's no
'may' about it.


            PIE         Old Church Slavonic         Lithuanian

heart       *krd        sridice                     serdis
hundred     *kmtom      suto                        simtas

But both Slavic and Baltic (especially Baltic) also show some exceptions;
eg., PIE *peku, 'cattle', becomes Lithuanian 'pekus', not 'pesus'.

[ Moderator's note:
  Even Indo-Iranian shows some exceptions:  Cf. Skt. _kravih._ "raw meat",
  Latin _cruor_ "gore, blood".
  --rma ]

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