Dating the final IE unity

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Sat Dec 18 21:23:15 UTC 1999

>X99Lynx at writes:

>I think the simplicity of the kurgan solution is only there so long as you
>don't dive into the evidence.  When you do, Renfrew's neolithic proposal
>begins to make more and more "common sense."

-- except that it's linguistic nonsense, which requires Celtic to remain
completely unchanged for 4000 years, Greek to be more closely related to
Hittite than to Sanskrit, and so forth and so on.

It's a "solution" to a non-existant problem.

>The problem is basic.  If you date IE unity on the basis of the date of the
>earliest wheel (only an example) then you know your dates will change if
>evidence of the wheel moves back a thousand years - which it well may.

-- but it has not.  Are we to date the IE unity on the basis of evidence as
yet uncovered?

A great many highly skilled people have been looking for evidence of wheeled
vehicles for a long, long time.  Nobody's found any prior to the 4th

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