Andronovo or Yamnaya?

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After a month's time, I've lost track of what the following was in reply
to: can anyone enlighten me?

Max Dashu

>>sarima at writes:

>>Oooh, I had missed that somehow.  Just to make sure I have the right place:
>>do you mean near the northern shore of the Caspian?  Are they associated
>>with the NW Andronovo or the eastern (Volga-Ural) branch of the Yamnaya
>>complex? >>

>-- the Sintashta site, upper Ural river, northeast of the Caspian; early
>Andronovo, if memory serves.

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  >>sarima at writes:

  >>The appearance of horse-bits (for riding) in the Sredny-Stog culture is
  >>quit telling here.  (Mallory does not actually mention this, as it was not
  >>yet known when he wrote his book).>>

  >-- very true; they showed up just where he predicted them.

  >Likewise, efforts to show that chariots are not associated with IE-speakers
  >(or at least early Indo-Iranians) have pretty well collapsed now that recent
  >excavations have shown the earliest chariots to be placed not in the middle
  >east or Anatolia in the 2nd millenium BCE, but in the southern Ural area and
  >no later than the 20th century BCE.

  My apologies for the confusion.
  --rma ]

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