IE-Semitic connections

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Tue Feb 2 07:25:18 UTC 1999

>The same happens in Etruscan (s'a ~ semph) and Basque (sei ~ zazpi).

Whoops almost missed that one. Good thing I re-read. Basque? This brings
up that ugly topic again of where Basque got those numbers from. I
fathomed that they are perhaps some kind of Late Latin/Romance borrowing
out of a blind guess. Larry Trask would know but he's probably busy
battling Bengtson's Dene-Caucasian theory right now :)

How would Basque acquire Semitic numbers?? It would be hard via an IE
language - I can't think of one that would fit. Are you proposing that a
moyl got lost in the Mediterranean? And what would he do with words like
"six" and "seven" outside of the Middle East? Things that make you go

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