NSemitic borrowings: in response to Greg Web

Theo Vennemann tvn at cis.uni-muenchen.de
Tue Feb 2 11:59:14 UTC 1999

>"Glen Gordon" <glengordon01 at hotmail.com> wrote:

>>believes as well that Etruscan semph is an odd sort of metathesis of the
>>IE form *septm

>Well, what I actually suggested was metathesis of *sepm ~ *sebm,
>without the /t/, as in Germanic [and Samoyed (???)].

May I ask where these two views are published? I am afraid I will be
quite embarrassed, because I explained Etrusc. _semph_ as the result of
coda metathesis -- and thus by a common type of sound change -- with-
out giving credit for this same view, or the opposite view ("an odd sort
of metathesis"), in "Etymologische Beziehungen im Alten Europa", Der
GinkgoBaum: Germanistisches Jahrbuch für Nordeuropa 13 (1995),
39-115., § 7.21 _sieben_.

Theo Vennemann,
2. Februar 1999.

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