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Tue Feb 2 20:44:57 UTC 1999

>>Well, we have a problem then because there was definitely some kind
>>of contact (whether direct or indirect) between IE and Semitic.

>-- and probably the word for "axe", too.  However, these could >equally
easily be wander-words, or relayed through other languages.

You may have missed some messages. The whole problem I have with the
Wanderwort idea is that there are no languages that you can draw from as
a reasonable source of those words except Semitic itself. Do you want to
suggest a language that IE adopted those words from?

>They don't imply geographical propinquity in the same way as the much
>more numerous PIE-Finno-Ugrian loans.

...because you're looking at the Black Sea as a barrier instead of a
means of transportation.

>>You say Akkadian may have came from the southwest but are the
>>Akkadians the only offspring of North Semitic?

>-- East Semitic, actually.  So far, it's all we have.

Have they changed the terms now? Ugh. I could have sworn it was under
"North Semitic" according to Encyc.Britt. At any rate, other dialects
would have developped out of your "East Semitic" besides Akkadian and
could have spread further North. How do explain the Kartvelian words?
More Wanderworte? Why, it's a Wanderworte bonanza!

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