IE *eg'om (was: IE-Semitic connections)

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Wed Feb 3 15:07:12 UTC 1999

On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Alemko Gluhak wrote:

> In Etimologic^eskij slovar' slavjanskih jazykov I, red. O.N. Trubac^ev, we
> can read that *eg'o(:)(m) < *e g'o eme, something like "it's me!".

Thank you Alemko for a note of sanity!  Something like
what Trubac^ev says is surely right, but also note that
Greenberg (and perhaps others independently, is Alan
Bomhard listening in?) has (have?) noted that this
construction does not look like an isolated PIE
development but does have parallels (crucially not
just in the 1st person) in a language family which
some relate to IE.  I will say no more since this
is the IE list, although Ipersonally do NOT understand
why this list should publicize nonsense about PIE
pronouns being borrowed from Semitic but ban the N


[ Moderator's response:
  There are Indo-Europeanists who are not interested in Nostratic debates, who
  still have to explain the facts of Indo-European.  As is evidenced by the
  contents of the list itself, parallels from other languages and language
  families are welcome here, so long as the focus of this list on Indo-European
  is remembered.  So a parallel, even an occasional etymology from Nostratic,
  is not unwelcome; it's arguments about Nostratic qua Nostratic that belong
  on the other list.
  --rma ]

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