manaster at umich.edu manaster at umich.edu
Thu Feb 4 03:15:21 UTC 1999

I just looked through whatever sources I can find
here and I STILL cannot find any evidence that the
*kwt cluster in *nekwt-/nokwt- 'night' (or whatever
the original meaning was) has to come
from *kw + *t rather than *gw + *t or *ghw + *t
(unless Bartholomae's Law is assumed to be the
original state of affairs, because then *ghw + *t
would have given *neghwdh-/noghwdh-, which is of
course wrong, but I cannot see BL as original).

So why can we not simply say that *nekwt/nokwt-
comes from a root *ne/o/0ghw- plus *-t-?

Am I missing something?


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