Hurrians in N. Mesopotamia

JoatSimeon at JoatSimeon at
Thu Feb 4 07:46:35 UTC 1999

>On Fri, 29 Jan 1999, Miguel Carrasquer Vidal wrote:

> There were no Hurrians in Northern Mesopotamia and Syria until
> 2200 BC or so.

-- Saggs places them there considerably earlier.

"The native name for what we call the "Hurrian" language was the 'tongue of
Su-bir', and third-millennium Sumerian texts mention Su-bir (hich we normally
anglicize as 'Subarian') as what seems to have been a population element in
north Mesopotamia, with no indication that they were thought of as immigrants.
Moreover, Hurrians had already formed a small kingdom in the Habur river
region of Syria as early as the twenty-fourth century BC, which implies a
Hurrian presence in the Near East substantially earlier."

-- in other words, Hurrians were established in the area at the earlies
attested dates.

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