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Thu Feb 4 08:44:17 UTC 1999

>mcv at (Miguel Carrasquer Vidal)

>Who says?  I date the entry of Anatolian into Anatolia no different from
>Mallory, i.e. ca. 3000 BC (Troy I).  Where Idiffer is that I put the
>Anatolians in the Balkan >peninsula before that time, not in the steppe.

-- well, so does Mallory, in that they have to _cross_ the Balkans to get to
Anatolia in the first place.

>Uralic is not a "Steppe language".

-- No, it's a language of the northern Eurasian forest zone, _north_ of the
steppe and forest-steppe areas, on both sides of the middle Ural range at the
earliest known dates.

This reinforces the notion that PIE was directly south of there in the forest-
steppe and steppe zones.

>Sure we can connect IE to Uralic, if we accept some version of the Nostratic
>hypothesis, but we can equally connect it withKartvelian or Afro-Asiatic.

-- the connection that's relevant in this context is borrowed lexical items,
rather than a genetic link.

>Etruscan was spoken in Greece and Western Anatolia before 1200 BC, closer to
>Semitic than IE.

-- this is, to say the least, not generally accepted.

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