IE-Semitic connections

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Thu Feb 4 12:12:51 UTC 1999

>Theo Vennemann

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>Well. If mcv is correct, the solution is obvious. Pre-PIE is to be
>found in Western Anatolia, Greece, the Aegean and parts perhaps a
>bit south. Considering that sea level was something like 50 feet
>lower ca. 5500 BE than today, what would be the most revealing
>neolithic sites would seem to be inundated (below the present deltas
>of the Nile, the Orontes, the Vardar, etc). This permits *direct*
>contact between A-A/proto-Semitic speakers.

>For whatever reason (perhaps the final pulse of sea level rising
>sometime before 3000 BCE), the Anatolians became restricted to
>Anatolia, and by 2000, pre-Greek was/had infiltrated Greece, while
>the main body of IE-speakers was found up and beyond the
>Vardar-Morava corridor.

I meant to say in Western Europe.

T.V., 4 February 1999

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