NSemitic borrowings: in response to Greg Web

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal mcv at wxs.nl
Sat Feb 6 01:28:02 UTC 1999

tvn at cis.uni-muenchen.de (Theo Vennemann) wrote:

>Miguel Carrasquer Vidal mcv at wxs.nl wrote:

>>The <a> in <zazpi> is mysterious, and we need
>>a metathesis *zapzi > zazpi, which in itself isn't too much of a
>>problem, not in a borrowed item.  I'd like to know what the <a>
>>is doing in Welsh saith (< *saxt < *sapt- ??).

Oops.  *s- should have given h- wouldn't it?  Now I really don't
understand that Welsh form...  Can anybody please shed some

>However, trying
>to solve the Basque problem by referring to Gaulish or Celtiberian
>is a bit like ignotum per ignotius.

Not really.  Welsh is pretty well known.  And Gaulish and
Celtiberian are better attested than, if you don't mind me saying
so, "Atlantic".

Miguel Carrasquer Vidal
mcv at wxs.nl

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