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Mon Feb 8 02:39:31 UTC 1999

>Moderator's reply:

>The Romans of the first centuries of the common era also used chariots in
>festivals, but I doubt that either group understood how they would be used
>in warfare.

-- the Romans had plenty of first-hand experience of how chariots were used in
warfare, from fighting the Celts.

Caesar and the first-century chroniclers of the conquest of Britain note that
chariots could be driven at full gallop up, down and across steep hills and
rocky, broken ground, often crossing fairly deep declivities.

Also that the warrior could run out on the chariot-pole between the horses at
a full gallop, or run beside the chariot at full tilt with a hand on the rail
and then vault back in.

They and their operators were more versatile than you might think.

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