IE in Balkans and Semitic?

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Rick Mc Callister <rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu> wrote:

>Correct me if I'm wrong but my understanding is that cattle were already
>domesticated in the Middle Wast BEFORE IE developed and that the
>domestication of cattle was reason of the Berber occupation of the whole of
>North Africa c. 8K BCE or so.

Champion et al. "Prehistoric Europe", p. 120: "cattle for example
seem to have been domesticated (at least on morphological
criteria) earlier in Greece (Protsch and Berger ["Earliest
radiocarbon dates for domesticated animals", Science 179], 1973;
Evans ["Neolithic Knossos: the growth of a settlement", Proc. of
the Prehistoric Soc. 37], 1971) than in the Near East []"

The Times Historical Atlas also lists cattle as European
domesticates (along with goose, pig, grapes, olive, oats and
rye).  Near Eastern domesticates listed are: ass, dromedary
(Arabian camel), goat, sheep, braley, wheat, onion, peas, lentil,

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