On a First Reading of Mallory.

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Mon Feb 8 02:32:26 UTC 1999


>I'm thinking it wasn't Indo-Iranians who filled the Steppes, but
>undifferentiated Indo-Europeans, at least at first. The IIs came
>later, with new and improved technology (something to do with
>bronze, I think), and probably, a better-structured social system.

	Or perhaps Indo-Aryan-Greek-[maybe] Armenian moved into the
steppes, and then split with the Greco-Armenians going into the Balkans and
the Indo-Iranians remaining the steppes --while most of the other
IE-speakers, except for the Tocharians & the Anatolians remained in and
around Hungary. At this point, IE may have still been amorphous enough [in
that it was mutually comprehensible] that the "innovative center" shifted
from Hungary to the western steppes.

	Does this sound plausible?

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