PIE and Horses

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>My point earlier was that DNA (or RNA) testing doesn't necessarily tell you
>when domestication occurs unless there is some clear genetic event associated
>with domestication.

I was only interested in knowing if we could know where domestication

>BUT about PIE and the Anatolians, what is interesting about the horse is that
>it is undergoing (possibly) domestication and the introduction of the bit
>right around the time that various conjectured movements are happening around
>and about the Black Sea.  So from circa 3000 bce to 2000 bce roughly, you have
>a horse culture being diffused through the same region, but maybe moving north
>to south.  Sheep, goats, pigs have all been domesticated well before this and
>are pretty well dispersed into Europe, having moved south to north.  But
>horses and horse back riding and charioteering should be just starting to move
>at this point.  Plus you have the horse culture associated catacomb tombs
>starting to appear all along the steppes north of the Black Sea, east of the

We are still not sure about the date of the domestication of the horse.
It was obviously in Western Europe or the people who painted them on the
cave walls in France came from someplace that had horses 25,000 years
ago. Was it or was it not domesticated? Why did it take so long?

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