Help me out guys, I'm not getting this one at all.

Rick Mc Callister rmccalli at sunmuw1.MUW.Edu
Tue Jan 26 15:59:11 UTC 1999

	What about the argument [Ringe et al.] that Germanic split from
Balto-Slavic and picked up vocabulary, etc. from Celtic?


>The problem is the position of Germanic and Armenian.  Apart from
>what are probably recent and superficial contacts between Germanic
>and Celtic (in Western Europe) or Armenian and Anatolian (in Eastern
>Anatolia), there are clear connections between Germanic and
>Balto-Slavic and between Armenian and Greek/Albanian.  Going by the
>archaeological evidence, these contacts could go back as far as the
>period 3500-3000 BC, when we have the Corded Ware culture in N/E.
>Europe (Germanic/Balto-Slavic) and the Balkan "Battle-Axe" Cultures


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