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Tue Jan 26 21:41:35 UTC 1999

	Well, I am so weary from slogging through all this stuff I
scarcely know where to begin in responding to the few things said that
relate to anything I said ...

	Let's see ... evidence that the Anatolians entered from the west?
Like what?  Last I heard there was no clear archeological evidence of any
such thing, just the usual muddle and quot homines tot opiniones.

	Turkic being not IE, which I have known probably longer than Mr.
Gordon has been alive, has nothing to do with anything I said.  As for
waves, the Turks have been moving back and forth in waves across the
steppe for some time now, without much separation having occurred.  What
is necessary for separation (I am disappointed to have to make such a
basic point) is something that stops people from talking to each other.
Note the social divisions that have caused some divergence between white
and black English in America.  Steppes do not (necessarily) do it.

	As for what I would mean by the Hittites moving "early" into
Anatolia, roughly before 3500 B.C.

	There are parallels between linguistic and biological evolution.
I did not say they were absolute.  They are worth looking into, and better
understanding.  Time and energy for an impromptu micro-essay are lacking
at this point.  For the time being all I can say is I do not agree with
what was said.  The differences I perceive are different ... but at this
point, even I do not want to hear about them.

	By the way, the phenomenon of spelling pronunciation, which one
member noted in connection with Danish, shows quite clearly that it is not
some sort of Eternal Verity that written language is irrelevant to the
development of spoken language.

	And yes, the French changes-in-progress are grammatical, not just
lexical.  The language is seemingly becoming polysynthetic under our very
noses.  Should be interesting to watch.  But the written form of French is
so far from the spoken language that it is understandable if speakers in
effect disregard it.

	I am getting a lot of double-messages here, and once again ask
members to please, if they can, stop it.  I also implore members to calm
down.  Matters of marginal relevance are probably best dropped.

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