IE creole?

Theo Vennemann tvn at
Wed Jan 27 00:06:21 UTC 1999

There are people (have been for 99 years) assuming that Semitic or closely
related languages were spoken in the British Isles.

On Mon, 25 Jan 1999 manaster at wrote:

>There are people who assume that PIE was spoken in Anatolia or

>On Sun, 24 Jan 1999 GregWeb at wrote:

>>Could someone explain how PIE itself, not its daughter languages, could have
>>been in contact with a semitic language, let alone proto-semitic.  I thought
>>that Semitic languages would be moving nto Mesopotamia from the southwest at
>>a time when PIE was still north of that entire area.  I know that daughter
>>languages of PIE were later in contact with Semitic languages, but I do not
>>see how geographically PIE and proto-Semitic or any semitic language would
>>have been in contact so as to influence the development of PIE itself.

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