Date of dispersals

GregWeb at GregWeb at
Wed Jan 27 15:37:24 UTC 1999

OK, perhaps, I can refine my thinking as follows.  Some PIE speakers move into
the western Ukraine and into the Balkans, beginning before 4000 B.C.E., but
there are not many and they do not move far fast, so that they still maintain
good contact in 3500 B.C.E. to develop the referenced vocabulary in the
original, reconstructed stage, which I understand to be the stage immediately
before the innovations that separate the rest of PIE from the Hittites and
their fellow early IE Anatolians.   But by the time that the innovations occur
that show the separation, the Hittites, etc. have moved too far for the
innovations to reach them, perhaps, by then being into, or almost into,
Anatolia.   Meanwhile, some of the same early migrants remain in the Balkans
along the western Black Sea shore and get some, but not many, of the
innovations before heading into Anatolia later as  the Phrygians.

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